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March 5, 2015

Access all the Steam features you love from new places. The Steam Community is one of the world’s largest online networks of fans, creators, and community contributors. Meet new people, join groups, chat in-game, and dive into Game Hubs, the center of activity for all your favorite games. Enjoy Workshop, Broadcasting, In-Home Streaming, TV, Movies, Music, and more.


Windows Vista Speech Wreck-cognition

July 29, 2006

At Micrsoft’s annual Financial Analyst Meeting on Thursday, Vista product manager Shanen Boettcher set out to show just how easy to use the speech recognition technology built into upcoming Windows Vista software will be. But something went very wrong

Watch the video for quality Microsoft software at work.

How Much for a Post on Your Blog?

July 1, 2006

There’s a new company called Pay per post that launched recently that has been getting a whole lot of attention.

Sites like Techcrunch and Techmeme contain some fierce discussions on the morality of this company. Is getting paid to write a post about something unethical to the blogger ‘profession’? Right now, most seem to be leaning towards the view that this is immoral and are saying things like “this will destroy bloggers” (that was one of the headlines about this Payperpost company on Digg).

Apparently the issue is that people who are doing this aren’t disclosing the fact that it’s a paid post. This is the issue for the majority of naysayers that differentiates Payperpost from other sites that basically pay you to blog (Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, and similar things that are popular with the blogger crowd). Me? I say with disclosure, it’s fine.

And yes, this is a ‘sponsored’ post.

Edit: Here’s what I saw at the Techcrunch blog about this company:


Relay: Ajax Directory Manager

June 30, 2006

Are you fed up with that lame old directory manager your hosting company provided you with for you website or blog? If you are already familiar with windows or mac file browsers, why should you have to change the way you work for the web? Try Relay for a change.

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Motorola does it again! Behold the new H5

June 27, 2006

Smallest bluetooth headset in the world. Fits like a hearing aid.

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Nicole Kidman Talks About Scientology and Why She Quit!

June 26, 2006

NY Times article from 2001 where Nicole Kidman talks about the reality of Scientology and what really goes on at the Church of Scientology. Really creepy stuff here that wasn’t mentioned in the last article.

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World’s 2nd Richest Man Give Away Fortune: To Bill Gate’s Foundation

June 25, 2006

Warren Buffett: The world’s second richest man – who’s now worth $44 billion – will start giving away 85% of his wealth in July – most of it to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Go Daddy says their mistake is my problem

June 25, 2006


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Sonic the Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone made out of paper!

June 25, 2006

With a downloadable .pdf to make it yourself. SonicTeam and Sega in Japan have found the coolest way to celebrate Sonic’s 15th birthday, a paper model which re-creates the first level from Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Freenode Network Hijacked, Passwords Compromised?

June 25, 2006

The world’s largest FOSS IRC network, FreeNode, was hijacked (for lack of a better term) by someone who somehow got a hold of the privileges of the head honcho of FreeNode. To make matters worse, the passwords of many users may have been compromised. See link for details.

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